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Communication and Territorialities
PósCom-Ufes’ focus area is Communication and Territorialities, supported by CAPES as follows:

Communication studies in the production of territorialities, as well as the practical processes, and media products in particular environments.

In this context, territorialities are understood as processes that constitute the various traditional/classic geographic spaces, as well as those unicities formed from socioeconomic, political and cultural interfaces, considering that territories of any kind are also articulated through communicational nexuses.

This program considers the previous issues related to life production with an ordinary dimension, of the order of the body, of matter, of space / time, always crossed by the aspect of virtuality and transcendence.

Contemporaneity is the result of multiple movements that occur more because of media communications than physical displacements.

Old and new forms of peculiar aggregations are mobilized around communication and express their particular features, establishing a corpus which is still very little explored by research in Communication.
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