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gg•fákọ̀làdé | Roger Ghil

Minibio: Best Film Award by the Technical Jury at the 51st Gramado Film Festival. Best Film Award by the Technical Jury and Canal Brasil Short Film Award at the 26th Tiradentes Film Festival. Best Director Award and ABRACCINE Award at the 56th Brasilia Brazilian Cinema Festival. Macumbeira and PhD student in Cinema and Audiovisual at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF). With a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Audiovisual and a Master's degree in Communication and Territorialities from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes), her productions focus on anti-colonial studies, diasporic religiosities and gender disobedience.

Testimony: "PósCom-Ufes allows us to consolidate the intellectual recognition long denied to racialized and gender disobedient people. Being able to circulate at festivals and teach courses addressing the subjects studied throughout postgraduate studies, makes PósCom one of the most updated from Brazil.”



Karol Mendes

Minibio: Undergraduated in Cinema and Audiovisual and Master in Communication and Territorialities from the Federal University of Espírito Santo. Research on women and the right to the city, focusing on black women. An audiovisual director, she works as a film society director, photographer, screenwriter and director. She directed the documentary Riscadas in which she raises the debate about urban art and the feminist movement as a tool to combat violence against women.

Testimony: “Entering the master’s course in Communication and Territorialities is having the opportunity to materialize years of work and study. Studying black women, territory and cinema opens the doors to urgent and necessary debate inside and outside the academic environment. The program is complete and made it possible to apply the study techniques and tools in my day-to-day professional life. May others have the opportunity to access and make it possible to talk about us!”



Adriana Damasceno

Minibio: Graduated in Social Communication - qualification in Journalism from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), specialist in Institutional Communication and Marketing Management (Castelo Branco University) and Master in Communication and Territorialities, works as a journalist at the Communication Superintendency of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Supec/Ufes). In her master's thesis, entitled “News frames constructed by the G1 and Mundo Negro portals on a case of racism: variations on the same theme”, she studied the racism present in Brazilian journalism through the analysis of news frames constructed by the hegemonic white media and that produced by alternative black media about a case of racism that occurred in Rio de Janeiro.

Testimony: “Since I was approved as a public servant of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes), where I started working as a press officer, I wanted to resume my studies, and PósCom became my most desired option. I was looking for constant learning about the world and, mainly, self-knowledge about my race and the implications of being a black woman in a racist society. At PósCom, since the beginning of the course, I found what I most wanted: multidisciplinarity, updated teaching staff, engaged colleagues. Throughout my studies, I noticed important personal changes, such as an increase in critical sense and an increase in racial literacy. PósCom was a lesson that adds to various points in my professional routine, but especially in my life. The knowledge acquired with the teachers during the subjects (especially on the qualification and defense boards), combined with the excellent exchanges with colleagues (who became friends) and the (many) readings done to increase my study made me an enhanced human being , infinitely better than when I entered.”



Marialina Antolini

Minibio: PhD student in the Information and Media Ph. D. Program at Michigan State University and master's degree in the Post-graduate Program in Communication and Territorialities at the Federal University of Espírito Santo with a scholarship from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), graduated in Social Communication - Journalism from the same institution. She is a researcher at the Media Observatory: Human Rights, Policies, System and Transparency, and a communications and mobilization consultant for the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) for Latin America and the Caribbean. She has experience in the area of Communication, with an emphasis on Alternative Communication, Human Rights and Media Democratization, working mainly on the following topics: citizen security, community mobilization, social movements.

Testimony: "The master's degree in Communication and Territorialities was fundamental for my academic career. So much so that, even after so many years of completing my master's degree, I continue to have productive partnerships with professors and students from PósCom-Ufes."



Wagner Piassaroli Mantovaneli

Minibio: Graduate of the first PósCom-Ufes class, he became a candidate for a PhD in communication science at the University of Vienna (AUS), where he lived and worked for six years, teaching and participating in the coordination and implementation of several projects for the European Union research team. Under the guidance of Professor Emeritus Dr. Thomas Bauer, after long observing the predominance of concern with communication control in various theoretical traditions of communication science, he developed his thesis about the place of visions of social control in the historical construction of communication science in its more than 100 years of existence in the United States.

Testimony: “The master's degree in Communication and Territorialities was fundamental in establishing and expanding my theoretical experience on the concepts of control in social geographic thought, political economy, cybernetics and constructivist philosophy.”



Tasso Gasparini

Minibio: Graduated in Social Communication/Journalism from Ufes and master in Communication and Territorialities from PósCom-Ufes, he works with data analysis, focusing on social listening, digital marketing and BI. With experience working in academic research, advertising agencies and digital marketing companies, he uses data from different sources to understand the market and find strategic insights for the client's brand.

Testimony: "During the Master's research process I was able to improve my writing, analysis and critical thinking skills. My experience as a researcher was very important for me to work in the social network analysis and social listening market, as it helped me to have a deeper look at the communicational and social process between brands and consumers. During the dissertation process I also had the opportunity to learn how to find relevant information and formulate hypotheses based on data, skills that are increasingly valued in the current digital marketing landscape."

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