Name: Herbert Pablo Bastos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 03/09/2021

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *

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Alexandre Curtiss Alvarenga External Examiner *
Daniela Zanetti Advisor *
Fabio Diaz Camarneiro External Examiner *
Flavia Mayer dos Santos Souza Internal Examiner *

Summary: The research is an archaeological practice of remaining media containing records from the Show Species, an electronic music opera staged through dance and voice acting, scripted and directed by DragQueen Verônika in 2000 in São Paulo. Belonging to this temporality between analog and digital, such as VHS tapes, continuous micromedia and developed photos, were classified and grouped in the collection corpus both for their physical characteristics and for the aesthetic content of the files from the structuring of two axes of analysis: the first examines the material, from the investigation of the communication supports in disuse, the practice of accessing and digitizing the messages contained therein; and a second, with a discursive focus, interested in the spectacles narrative, with its representations of cyberspace, hybrid characters of organisms with systems and its technological visuality conceptualized as PunkDrag. In both analytical axes, we present the convergence of the transparency of communication flows as the main indicators of the rearrangements of cultural temporalities during the transition between the millenniuns. For this, we will observe the accelerated replacement of media devices that occurred at the beginning of the 21st century and the consequent erasure of messages, aiming to point out possible ways of preserving them, and we will investigate the generative path of meaning in the structures present in the Show Species visual metaphors, which were conceived in this interface of exchanges between art and then emerging digital medium, as belonging to the cyberpunk style, the aesthetic axis of Cyberculture. Keywords: Verônika, punkdrag; aesthetics of cyberculture; analog materialities.

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