Name: Marcio Martins Calil
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 19/02/2020

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Victor Israel Gentilli Advisor *

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Victor Israel Gentilli Advisor *
José Edgard Rebouças Internal Examiner *
Janine Miranda Cardoso External Examiner *

Summary: From the perspective of the communication and health field, this work has analyzed the content of two daily newspapers covers posted in Espírito Santo - A Gazeta and A Tribuna - during the yellow fever epidemic in Espírito Santo, between January and March 2017 After a quantitative and qualitative research approach, using the Content Analysis (CA) methodology, the study concluded that both newspapers covers had an alarmist point of view, without the proper distinction between wild and urban yellow fever, causing uncertainties in the residents of urban areas, mainly in the metropolitan region of Great Vitória, contributing to the disorderly demand at vaccination posts, which registered lines and riots for the yellow fever vaccine.There were some dissertations conflicts between the journalistic and health fields, and between agents in the health field itself, since the construction of the journalistic narrative of A Gazeta and A Tribuna, in addition to the alarmist point of view, proved to be in favor of mass vaccination for all the population of Espírito Santo, despite the positioning of most health agents, who recognized the preventive vaccination care to be taken, but reiterated the need for no panic and alarmism to look for vaccination posts, especially for the population of Great Vitória, since, according to the Ministry of Health, Brazil has remained without a record of urban yellow fever since 1942 and all confirmed cases since then refer to the wild cycle of transmission. Finally, the social role of the two Espírito Santo’s newspapers covers was limited to the classic mediator of information, a mere public service provider, not being seen, under the theoretical conceptual perspective proposed for this research, the social role of disseminator journalism scientific, of fomenting debates about public health policies effectively preventive against future epidemic manifestations, restricting society's speech spaces to sensational reports and photographs of pain and tragedies in the face of the morbidities and mortality of yellow fever cases, and, under the educator / preventive bias, limited to reproducing infographics of public health agencies portals and interviews with health agents.

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