Name: Patrik Camporez Mação
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 02/05/2018

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *

Examining board:

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *
Clarisse Maria Castro de Alvarenga External Examiner *
Alexandre Curtiss Alvarenga Internal Examiner *

Summary: This work investigates the connections between the fields of cinema and audiovisual and of citizenship and human rights through the public policies study of audiovisual inclusion implemented in the years 2000 in Brazil. The research analyses the inclusion of topics related to Human Rights and Citizenship in the audiovisual field, aiming to study two fostered
programs released the first half of the years 2000: Revelando os Brasis e Mostra Nacional de Cinema e Direitos Humanos. Aiming with it, comprehend the symbolic changes promoted by the images usage through expansionist initiatives for cinema and audiovisual practices, using them as a resource for social inclusion. This phenomenon parallels a period in which the
Government adopts public resources democratization in the audiovisual scope. Cinema starts to be, in fact, seen as a public policy and as a tool to strengthen traditions, identities and regionalities. Therefore, audiovisual will be analyzed, in this study, from the territories and of territorialities perspective. Keywords: movie theater, citizenship, human rights, territorialities, Public Policy

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