Name: Adriano Domingos Monteiro
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 31/07/2017

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *

Examining board:

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Sandro Jose da Silva External Examiner *
Noel dos Santos Carvalho External Examiner *
Daniela Zanetti Advisor *

Summary: This work makes an effort to join as researched research on Brazilian race relations and its implications in the artistic field, specifically to the cinema. Film production of black filmmakers has grown exponentially in recent years, drawing an unprecedented setting in national cinematography. In this sense, we sought in the, from the dimension of the Brazilian audiovisual field, an artistic production that can be configured as Black Cinema. They are symbolic productions that, on the one hand, have suggested new forms of black representations without cinema, that is, formulating other narratives from another perspective of the experiences of Brazilian negritude; On the other hand, evidenced, from positions that are in the field, that are in conditions of power, which is a territorial simulation, is at stake in the relations of power that configure the field.

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