Name: Angelo Bortolon de Alvarenga
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/03/2017

Namesort descending Role
Daniela Zanetti Advisor *
Moema Lúcia Martins Rebouças Co-advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Daniela Zanetti Advisor *
Fabio Luiz Malini de Lima Internal Examiner *
José Edgard Rebouças Internal Alternate *
Patrícia Pereira Pavesi External Examiner *

Summary: This dissertation analyzes the daily, sociability processes, with a view to some visibility of young social actors on the outskirts of Vitoria. The interweaving of everyday life, sociability and visibility is a manifestation tool the rolezinhos, meeting young people from the peripheries of urban centers, which occurred in shopping centers of large cities, that specifically in this research has as study object the meetings in Shopping Moxuara, located in Cariacica, component city of the metropolitan region of Greater Victoria. The rolezinhos are organized by digital social network Facebook, informational territoriality of this research, and realized in person in that mall, geographic territoriality of this study. Thus, both territoriality are embedded functioning as a space for the realization of the experience of rolezeiros young. Perched on this experience, this dissertation will seek to know some aspects of the periphery of youth, through theoretical and empirical analysis of rolezinhos.

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