Affirmative actions

On several fronts, PósCom-Ufes is a pioneer in the state of Espírito Santo in reserving places on the master's course for affirmative actions.

Today, half of the selection places for regular master's students are allocated to affirmative actions.

In 2016, the program became one of the first to establish a reserve of places for black, brown or indigenous candidates. Initially, there were 25% of vacancies.

Since the 2020 notice, however, 35% began to be reserved for black, brown or indigenous candidates (PPI quotas); 5% for trans people (transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people); 5% for people with disabilities; and 5% for candidates in refugee status.

PósCom was also the first to reserve places for people who are refugees and/or with a humanitarian visa (or equivalent situation).

These initiatives are part of the federal effort to promote affirmative action in post-graduate programs. In 2016, for example, the MEC published normative ordinance number 13, establishing that universities, within their autonomy, must present affirmative action policies for the inclusion of black, brown, indigenous and disabled people in post-graduate programs.

Anyone applying as black, mixed race or indigenous goes through a verification process, during which a committee evaluates photos of the candidates and, if necessary, conducts an interview.

Applicants for the 5% of vacancies for people with disabilities must present a medical report with the disability code, containing type and degree.

Candidates for 5% of the vacancies of those self-identified as political refugees must present a referendum from the National Committee for Refugees (Conare) or a foreigner's identity card issued by an official body in Brazil.

To occupy the 5% of vacancies allocated to trans people, candidates need to self-identify through an explicit statement on the registration form.

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