Name: Amanda Meschiatti Vasconcellos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 15/03/2018

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *

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Daniela Zanetti Advisor *
Orlando Lopes Albertino External Alternate *
Patrícia Pereira Pavesi External Examiner *
Ruth de Cássia dos Reis Internal Alternate *
José Edgard Rebouças Internal Examiner *

Summary: The present work is an investigation into the webcelebrity’s phenomenon, specifically focused on the webcelebrities who arise from and remain on YouTube, a streaming platform and also a digital social network that is the second website most accessed in the world. Thus, our aim is to comprehend which atributes legimate that an user can be highlight among the others,
becoming webcelebrity; as well as understand the values its suggests and its main characteristics, the collective ethos of the group. In this way, we selected as our corpus two prominent youtubers from Brazil: Whindersson Nunes and Kéfera Buchmann. The study was divided into three chapters WHERE, with bibliographical review and tools of ethnographic inspiration, we approached the culture of fame, the cyberspace and its territories and territorialities, such as YouTube. Through the technique of observation and the use of descriptive maps was possible unveil the geographies and stories of YouTube platform, that is also an entertainment industry. After, we use trajectory analysis in biographical documents and discourse analysis in media documents provided by Whindersson and Kéfera with the videos published on their YouTube channels. To understand the other side of fame, from a recursive
perspective, we seek for fans’ experiences through a survey on-line. From this methodology, its concluded that celebrity on YouTube is made with social capital, prevailing the constant mention to intimate life, the vlog format and the presentation of atributes that are decoded by audience as authenticity, humbleness and simplicity, spontaneity and the funny frame what has
in humor the basis of the text. Furthermore, we could conclude that such celebrities reinforce a mentality very similar to common sense. The fans answers revealed that youtuber phenomenon recruits adepts in all regions of Brazil, specially between female teenagers. These fans are, mostly, shy in their demonstrations of affection to celebrity, but they transfer this love for
consumption, trying to emulate the identity of the idol, as well as when they do incorporating traits of the idol's behavior. This same feeling is directed for communities. Most interviewees affirm they have already made friendships through this shared taste: admiring the same youtuber. Keywords: Celebrity. Myths. Cyberculture. YouTube. Territorialities.

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